Three sentences given to him by the father of Chinese President Xi Jinping

When I was a child, I was a selfish child.
I have always thought of myself. I never thought about
the feelings of others.
As a result , my companions left me alone.
For this reason, I am very distressed, and
often blame others behind it.

One night, my father cooked two bowls of noodles, one on the
bowl with a white egg,
and the other bowl looked nothing.

Father asked me, which bowl did you eat?

At that time, eggs were very precious foods.
If they were not on holiday or birthday, it would be difficult to eat.
I certainly would not miss this opportunity.
So, I did not hesitate to choose the bowl with eggs.

In fact, my choice was wrong.
Just as I ate proudly after eating the egg,
I was surprised to find that my father’s bowl had two eggs hidden in it.
I regret it and hate myself too much.

Seeing this, the father smiled and said to me:
“Children, you must remember,
** eyes may not be real,
people who want to take advantage of others will eventually suffer big losses.**” The

next night, father Another bowl of noodles was cooked, and
there was still a white egg
on one bowl , while the other bowl looked nothing.

My father asked me to choose. This time I learned it and
chose the bowl with no eggs on my face.
The father stared at me silently, without saying a word.

I quickly picked up the chopsticks and opened the noodles above.
I thought that there would be two white eggs lying underneath,
but soon I was disappointed to find that there was nothing but broth at the bottom of the bowl.

At this time, the father said to me meaningfully:
“Children, you must remember,
** don’t over-trust the past experience,
because life sometimes deceives you. **
However, you don’t have to be annoyed, not sad,
all When it’s a life experience,
this is something you can’t learn from books.”

On the third night, my father also cooked two bowls of noodles,
or one bowl of white eggs
on one bowl and another bowl of noodles. It looks like nothing.

Let me choose my father, this time I did not act rashly,
but with genuine feeling said to his father:
“Dad, you are the elders and paid too much for me and the family, or that you choose it!!”

My father did not Deductive, directly selected the bowl with an egg on it.

I guess, the rest of the bowl definitely has no eggs,
but unexpectedly, I am very fortunate, with two white eggs lying on the bottom of the bowl.

The father raised his head and his eyes were full of love. He said to me faintly:
“Children, you must remember,
* When you think about others, good luck will come to your head. *”

Father’s words made me It’s awkward.

Since then, I have regarded these three sentences as my own life standards. Whether it is for people or for doing things, my first thoughts are always the interests of others. As the father said, good luck followed, my career. It’s also done well.

~ Xi Jinping